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Error Codes or messages are enumerated information that is typically displayed on a computer device or any other device using dialog boxes, when an unexpected situation occurs. These error messages correspond to the status of an individual software application.

During the time of 1990’s Compaq has become the largest distributor of PC systems all over the world. Some of the first IBM personal computers were produced by Compaq and later on, it was overtaken by HP brand in 2001. During restarting of a Computer or Power-On Self-Test (POST), the users may encounter various error codes, indicator lights, error messages and audible sequences which suppresses the systems OS and make it slow. Few of the issues that we encounter are:

Getting 110- Option ROMs for Out of Memory Space error

If you are getting this error then it might happen that your PCI expansion card was recently added which contains an option ROM too large to download during POST

Acquiring 162- System Options Not Set error

If this error occurs when there is a problem in configuration and set up and some problem persists in the RTC (Real-Time Clock) battery which needs a replacement

Receiving 213-Incompatible Memory Module in Memory Socket(s)… error

When you find such message while BIOS running, then in the memory socket, a memory module is identified in the error message remains missing or is found incompatible with the chipset

There are several other POST Numeric Error Codes and Messages that are associated with Compaq HP tablets or computers, which we encounter during POST and while displaying such Error messages on a screen, the computer will beep at once. Some of them are 304-Keyboard or System Unit Error, 501-Display Adapter Failure, 515- Power supply fan, not detected1155- Serial Port B Address Conflict Detected, 1796- SATA Cabling Error, Memory Parity Error, Invalid Electronic Serial Number Error, etc.

Services that We Provide to our Customers:

  1. We verify the system ROM and checksum, clear CMOS, reset computer Set-up.
  2. We replace the battery if your RTC battery needs a replacement, Run Windows Utility and verify proper memory module type.
  3. We remove and replace RAM if needed
  4. Replace and reset CPU fan, reconnect USB harness
  5. Reconfigure card resources
  6. Upgrade BIOS to proper version and reboot the computer

To avoid potential problems with the Operating System or with the hardware, call our assistants who are qualified and experienced enough to deal with such technical issues. We are day and night available to assist our customers.

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For any type of Compaq Error Codes and Messages related problems, just call us at our Customer Support toll-free Number and get the best possible resolutions within seconds. Actually, we are comprised of experts who are well-trained in dealing with Compaq Error codes & Messages. You can even connect with us through our email support service and can chat with us online through Live Chat support to overcome all your issues. We guarantee our customer 100% satisfaction with the best possible solutions.

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