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It is an error screen displayed on your computer system when your system crashes. It happens when your system’s standard functioning is hampered due to any reason. Reasons behind BSOD can be many like Poor printer driver or faulty memory or power supply issue, overheating of components or hardware running beyond its reasonable limit or bugs in the OS or any other reason.All the computer users across the world must have faced Blue Screen of Death Error or BSOD once in their lives or more often. It is giving a Red Signal or stops message to you to indicate you to stop working on your computer system for the time being.

Though BSOD is not a trivial error, it cannot recover on its own and requires immediate action from you as a user.

Common BSOD Error Codes:- 

Unlike other computer errors, BSOD displays the exact reason behind the error within itself. Only you need to give a closer look at it. It will show the error codes within the first few lines, giving you a clue to the cause of the errors. Some of the error codes are as follows –


All or any of these error codes mentioned above can happen due to you are any recent action on your computer system like software update or new hardware installed or OS update or anything else. So, you should remember your last action to solve the error quickly. Still, you might not be able to either find out the cause of the error or to resolve the error. Contact with Blue Screen Error Support team and your BSOD error will be resolved within a very short span of time.

Necessary Steps you can apply to Resolve BSOD Errors:-

1) For Windows 8- As your computer starts, Press F8+Shift to open Recovery Mode. Then select See Advanced Repair options and press Troubleshoot. Then choose Advanced Options. Then click on Windows Startup Settings and click on Restart.

2) For Windows 10- Select Troubleshoot the Choose an Option Screen. Then Click on Advanced Option. Then Click on Start Settings. Then click on Restart Button. Press F4 as the computer rebooting finishes to enable safe mode.

3) For Windows 7- Follow these steps only if you are having Startup Repair preinstalled on your system. At first, remove all CDs, DVDs and USBs from the system. Then right-click on the computer screen and go to Properties. Then go to Advanced tab. Then select Settings button from the Startup and Recovery section. Then Uncheck the Automatically Restart option from the System Failure Section and click on OK. Then restart your system. Then press F8 before the Windows logo appears. Then select Safe Mode from the Boot menu and Press Enter.

If you are unable to perform these steps mentioned above on your system feel comfortable to connect with our Blue Screen Error Service. We will assist you thoroughly.

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